Circus Campaign


Campaign backstory

None of this travelling band seemed to fit in to a city living. Whether through choice or circumstance, everyone who came across the circus and joined felt more comfortable on the road than staying crowded in with other people.

Khell found a way to make them part of his group. Somehow they all … fit. Life wasn’t luxurious, but there was food, shelter, honest (or not so) work and company.

Then about six months ago, while on the road Khell caught a fever, and over the next few weeks despite anything anyone could do, got worse and one night passed away. Since then, the circus just hasn’t seemed to work as it did. Funds have steadily dwindled. Crowds seem smaller, and less generous. And things cost money that no-one ever thought about.

The campaign is set with a small band of six (four players, two NPC’s) travelling a year long circuit through Sunndi. While they have the basics for their survival (caravans, horses, outfits and props, banners) money is skint.



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